My main research interests in philosophy are in Metaphysics and Metametaphysics, especially arguments for and against the existence of Universals. I have also published on ontological commitment, Bradleyís regress, the unity of the proposition, and the nature of existence, and am currently working on the interpretation of Platoís later dialogues (Parmenides and Sophist), and on the intersection between existentialism and compatibilism in the Free Will debate. You can access pre-publication drafts of all my published work via my† profile (links to specific papers are on the right).

In August 2017 my paper†The Third Man and the Coherence of the Parmenides was published in†Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy vol.52. Surprisingly, you can read most (if not all) of it via the ‘look inside’ function on its Amazon page.

Iíve also developed a set of A-level Philosophy resources to use in†my own teaching, which are available online here for free (click on the links on the right to access .pdf versions of the resource packs). Current students can download my handouts for the Philosophy of Religion and Mind topics of the new AQA AS and A2. I donít have a complete set of resources for AS Epistemology at present, but most of the A2 Epistemology and Metaphysics resource pack covers the same ground as the new AS specification.

I might turn this into a publishable textbook at some point in the future, but I thought for now I owe the internet something: a lot of this was written with the help of the amazing (and free) Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and composed on a computer running the amazing (and free) Ubuntu linux. As Winston Churchill might have said, Iíve taken more out of the internet than itís taken out of me.

Please feel free to get in touch with feedback, comments, (constructive) criticism etc. by email: philosophy [at] Unfortunately, I canít help individual students with individual problems about their homework assignments Ė but for all clarificatory questions I recommend the excellent BPA Philosophical Answers site.

The legal bit: all text quoted from other authors is used with attribution, and intended for ďfair useĒ in schools and other educational establishments. I retain copyright of the main body of text, with the exception of distribution for educational purposes between teachers and students of A-level philosophy, which is fine as long as you donít pass it off as your own work!