Greek – more specifically Classical Greek, the language spoken in Greece and the Greek-speaking colonies up to about 400AD – is one of my main teaching and research interests.

One thing I’ve produced recently is an introductory course for pre-GCSE students, called ?? ??????? ?????????? , ‘speaking Greek accurately’. This is designed to enable Year 9 or lower students to get a head-start in Greek before taking on the challenges of the full GCSE, and should be teachable in one 35-45 minute lesson per week. You can find Parts I & II of the course as .pdf files to the right of this page; please do get in touch to let me know if you decide to make use of this in your school or college.

In September 2017 my article ‘Homer: the first jazz musician?’ was published in Omnibus magazine. If you’d like to read a longer draft version of that paper, with more discussion of musical examples (and links to some audio), you can do so here.